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Our online claims management tool allows you to track the progress of your claim with us in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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Our advisors will invite you to register for Your Case by email at the appropriate stage of your claim. You will have to complete various registration questions this time, but only provide us with your username and password thereafter.

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claims-trackerOur previous Claims Tracker has been retired. Please contact your personal Litigation Executive for information on your case if you haven’t been invited to register for Your Case.


1. What is Your Case?

2. How long will I be able to see my case details on Your Case?

3. How do I log into Your Case?

4. I’ve forgotten my password for Your Case, how do I reset it?

5. How do I navigate around Your Case?

6. Can I access Your Case from any device?

7. What is a loss, expense or care and assistance?

8. How do I log an expense or cost?

9. How do I get in contact with you?

10. How do I upload a document?

11. I have uploaded all my losses and expenses, but I can’t see them all in the list, why?

12. I have received a medical appointment from a medical agency what do I need to do?

13. My contact details are incorrect on Your Case, how do I update them?

14. I have received a text or email alert from Your Case, what does this mean?

15. I haven’t received anything from Your Case for a while, is everything still okay?

16. I have logged into Your Case and it says my case is no longer available on Your Case, why?

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