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Boundary disputes

Boundary disputes can be complicated and even the smallest change can cause serious issues if not dealt with carefully. Fortunately, our specialist team are dedicated to helping you navigate this situation.

Practical advice

Our solicitors can provide you with practical legal advice and representation if you have a boundary dispute with your neighbour.

Understanding your issues

We take time to understand your issues and this enables us to provide you with a tailored service that suits your specific needs.

Guiding you through

We understand you may have concerns about bringing a claim against your neighbour, but we’re here to guide you and give you the right advice and help when you need it.

“From the offset I felt reassured of the expertise of everyone I dealt with. The team were always available when I needed them.”

Understanding Boundary Disputes

Boundary disputes can be a complex area of law, as many people believe the boundary between their property and their neighbours is a straight line. However, boundaries can differ and vary over time.

Most disputes are caused by one of the neighbours making an incursion onto another property, either unknowingly or deliberately, to gain a right over a piece of land. However, hedges, fences, plant tubs and other garden chattels which stray across a perceived boundary between neighbouring properties can also result in boundary disputes.

Party Wall
A party wall stands on the land of two or more owners and can be either part of a building, or an external wall, such as a garden wall. A dispute over a party wall can arise for a number of reasons. An example would be if a neighbour cut into a party wall without your permission.

How can Minster support you?

At Minster, we have an expert team that deals with all areas of land and neighbour disputes. We frequently advise clients whether they have a claim and what steps they can take to resolve it.
Most disputes involve the instruction of an expert who will consider the title deeds to the properties and other evidence, such as old photographs, witnesses, and a visit to the actual property.

It is possible that your expert and your neighbour’s expert both have conflicting findings. That is why a large number of boundary disputes end up in court. Litigation through the courts should always be a last resort, and boundary disputes can be resolved through correspondence or by mediation. If the case goes to court, a judge will decide based on all of the evidence as to where the boundary is.

Expert advice

We work with a number of leading insurance providers to offer their customers access to our expert legal advice and support on a wide range of issues. Check your policy details for more information, or contact us below.