“I feel like I’m getting my life back.” How we helped Reece Clarke access the care, support and treatment required to live the rest of his life comfortably and semi-independently.

Former Essex Police Special Constable Reece Clarke was just 19 years old when he sustained life-long brain injuries in a work-related car accident in 2011. Reece was in the passenger seat of a police car while on duty when it collided with a car being driven negligently and at speed.

The accident left Reece with a catastrophic brain injury

Reece sustained multiple fractures to his skull, face and ribs as well as serious brain injuries. In hospital, doctors prepared the Clarke family for the worst, he was in a coma for the first month, warning that Reece could remain in a vegetative state for the remainder of his life, and if his condition did improve, it would be unlikely that he’d ever be able to walk, talk or care for himself again.

Interim payments ensured Reece’s rehabilitation

The legal team at Minster Law worked quickly to secure interim payments for Reece, which enabled a rehabilitation programme to be put into place. He subsequently spent more than three years in hospital and various neurological facilities undergoing extensive treatment and rehabilitation by over 16 multi-disciplined specialists. These interim payments also allowed for special adaptations to be completed at the family property, meaning that Reece could finally go home at the end of 2014 and regain some level of independence.

Reece’s lifelong compensation will help him get some of his life back

Reece’s multi-million pound settlement is the largest sum of money ever secured by Minster Law and was the result of collaborative working with vital leading health professionals and support organisations. However, more importantly than that, the settlement will give Reece access to the care, support and treatment he requires to live the rest of his life comfortably and semi-independently. Although Reece is unlikely to ever be able to take up his Special Constable duties again or achieve his ambitions of becoming a fully-fledged police officer, he is positive about the progress he has made over the past four years and the settlement will help him to continue rebuilding his life at home.

“I like to think that achieving their settlement is the start of something, rather than the end.”

Solicitor Kimberley Owen, who represented the Clarke family on behalf of Minster Law, said: “It’s immensely satisfying to see what we have achieved for Reece and to know that he will never want for anything because the package that we secured provides lifelong security and support. From close communication with his Dad, I know that one of the main concerns was ensuring that Reece would be looked after if and when something happens to him and he now has that peace of mind.”

“My one wish would be to see Reece walk again unaided, and I truly hope that he can achieve that. I’m sure that the family will stay in touch and I hope that I will be privileged enough to witness that amazing achievement if it happens. Having spent almost four years working with the family and spending so much time with them, I like to think that achieving their settlement is the start of something, rather than the end.”