Mr Hughes hopes to prevent further motorcycle accidents

“Minster Law were vital in securing the help I needed to regain some independence and fought to ensure that I have everything that I will need in the future.”

Mr Hughes was just 17 years old when another motorist cut a corner at a junction and collided with his motorcycle. He had only recently passed his bike test.

The accident left him with catastrophic injuries

Mr Hughes sustained a spinal cord injury in the collision, which happened in 2012. As well as being paralysed from the chest down, the accident also caused a traumatic brain injury and numerous fractures. He now requires use of a wheelchair for mobility and relies on the support of his brother and commercial care providers.

Minster Law provided a strong support structure

The legal team at Minster Law worked quickly to secure interim payments for Mr Hughes. This enabled the family to purchase single-storey accommodation and adapt it to his requirements in order to give him some level of independence. The family were kept regularly updated on progress through face-to-face meetings.

“Our primary aim was to secure the support Mr Hughes needs to live the most comfortable life he can.”

Minster Law Solicitor, Shaun Walker, and Elizabeth Smith, Associate of CILEX, and their team obtained substantial medical evidence across multiple disciplines in order to build Mr Hughes’ case. His final settlement has allowed him to purchase and adapt a property to suit his personal needs for the rest of his life, and secure his future treatment, commercial care package and transport. Mr Hughes was only a teenager at the time of his accident, but with Minster Law’s support, he will be able to lead as long and comfortable life as he can, safe in the knowledge that his future care needs are looked after.