Helping Suzannah get her life back on track after a traumatic amputation

33-year old Suzannah was cycling to work when she was hit by an articulated lorry and suffered the devastating injuries that led to the amputation of her leg above the left knee. Within just 3 months, we had secured an admission of liability from the defendant’s insurance company and, while Suzannah doesn’t wish to disclose the figures involved, a healthy compensation sum was secured.

We helped Suzanne get her lift back on track

Securing early admission of fault was key

Minster Law’s Philip Austick headed the team that represented Suzannah. He says, “Securing an early admission of fault for the collision from the insurers of the lorry driver enabled us to focus entirely upon Suzannah’s rehabilitation and gather the necessary evidence to progress the case to proceed quickly towards a settlement meeting.”

Suzannah received an interim payment to ease any money worries

One of the first things Phillip and his team did was secure an interim payment to ease any of Suzannah’s financial worries and pay for her rehabilitation. As well as the amputation of her leg – and the accompanying skin grafts required – Suzannah also suffered a serious crushing injury to her right foot that required reconstructive surgery and the partial amputation of her 3rd, 4th and 5th toes.

Despite this, Suzannah was keen to return to a normal, independent life as soon as she could and within 3 months of the accident, she returned to her job as a Human Resources Assistant on a phased return basis. Unfortunately her mid-terraced house was no longer suitable for her, and her compensation settlement took into account the fact that, because of the accident, she now needs a single storey home with enough space for adaptations and extensions.

The compensation settlement considered all of Suzannah’s future needs

Suzannah has come a long way since the accident, but medically, her future is still uncertain. There’s a possibility she’ll require further surgery, and because her right leg now carries more of the load, she’s at increased risk of degenerative hip and knee conditions, which could require a joint replacement.

And while her current employers have been wonderful, her disability has narrowed Suzannah’s employment options going forward.

All of this was taken into account by our solicitors when negotiating Suzanne’s settlement.

Phillip says, “The specialist team of experts we carefully selected to provide support and essential evidence worked closely together with Suzannah. All potential outcomes were thoroughly explored and what could have been a difficult and potentially lengthy process ran smoothly and efficiently.

“I’m delighted that an excellent result was achieved for Suzannah, both in terms of her recovery and settlement in such a modest timescale.”